The ultimate guide to bathroom remodelling: everything you need to know before remodelling the bathroom

Transformations in bathrooms can be transformational.

From a tired and outdated bathtub to a fresh and stylish shower, there’s nothing quite as revitalizing for a bathroom as dramatic changes such as this.

But where to start? How do you approach such an undertaking?

That’s why we’re here. This guide will cover all the steps necessary to make sure your bathroom remodelling project is a complete success.

From assessing what needs changing most urgently, to gathering ideas, and materials and needing allies, we will chart the journey from old-fashioned to fabulous.

We will review how best to assess the need for updates, what materials are available that meet both your functional and aesthetic requirements, who should carry out the work, and tell you when it’s all finished so that you can revel in the glow of a job well done!

Overhauling or upgrading your current bathroom presents good opportunities to improve aspects of safety, improve overall durability and conserve energy – it does not have to mean just changing one thing.

Indeed, depending on which option you decide upon you may need updates on other components too; drain location might have changed, tiling alterations could be required plus much more besides.

Also, consider if there are any existing electrical outlets present already; these could be very useful for additional lighting – look around carefully before making any decisions concerning changes in location as making an installation outside of building regulations will cost additional unforeseen expenditure further down the line.

If transforming an existing bath into something else then planners are advised to consider replacing or adding a new mirror – this is easily achievable by selecting wall-mounted models through installing frames that measure around 30in across – no matter how small your bathroom may seem to add sleek frameless mirrors makes rooms appear bigger than they really are whilst injecting light into confined spaces.

Redecorating options abound but taking quality over quantity always produces impressive results – people can really pull out all the stops when it comes to choosing perfect colours or tints of tile finishings so if walls and flooring remain stripped back remember that less is often more!

Suppliers are usually helpful in ensuring they provide users everything they require from the first stages onwards including advice on installers should sufficient skill not already exist within households to undertake more time-consuming manual tasks like plumbing rough-ins etc.

So whether looking for modest upgrades like fixtures/ fittings or completely renovating old baths and converting them into something new ensure that each step taken is thoroughly researched beforehand so that mistakes/last-minute disasters won’t occur post-completion with finicky projects necessitating refunds or irritating fixes consuming valuable time better spent elsewhere…

Work with professionals at each juncture of this gig from plumbers through electricians until being able to put the finishing touches down yourself – dabbing paint here/setting trims there so eventually feeling like one long anticipated dream accomplishment has at last been made true!

Consider turning your tub into a shower

Changing a bathtub into a shower presents a good opportunity to update the rest of the bathroom. The tub can be turned into a shower with a little help from a professional plumber. In addition, a tub spout can be installed to increase water flow.

While you are at it, consider installing a shower transfer solution. These units are designed to make your shower more convenient for you. Aside from the obvious benefits of having a bathtub on your floor, this solution can save you time and money by eliminating the need to hire a caregiver. The best part is that they can be used in both the master bath and guest bathroom.

Aside from installing a shower transfer solution, you can also improve your shower experience by upgrading the faucet, venting, and lighting. Also, consider replacing the low tub area window with a frameless glass shower enclosure. This will allow you to fully enjoy your shower, without having to worry about water spills.

Decorate with easy-to-clean bathroom accessories

Choosing the right accessories for your bathroom can help you update your bathroom and add some style. Whether you’re doing a full bathroom renovation or a simple bathroom makeover, there are a number of ways to add flair without spending a lot of money.

Using natural wood furniture adds an earthy feel to your bathroom. You can also find second-hand pieces on eBay. A dresser-style vanity is a good option. It can be easily repainted and offers practicality and versatility.

Floating shelves can also be used for bathroom accessories. They’re a great way to store extra toilet paper, soap, and bathroom supplies. You can also use them to display small plants or scented diffusers.

Wire baskets are another great way to store your bathroom items. They offer a cool, industrial look and are perfect for holding towels. You can also use them to hold laundry hampers, slippers, or robes.

Adding wallpaper to one wall is another way to add some colour. You can also choose to install the natural stone tile. However, it’s important to choose a colour that complements the rest of your bathroom’s design.

Hire a general contractor

Whether you’re considering hiring a general contractor to remodel your bathroom, or you’ve decided it’s time for a change, there are several important things to consider. You’ll want to get a contractor that’s experienced and skilled at remodelling bathrooms. You’ll also want to check out his or her license and credentials.

The first step to ensuring you hire the best contractor for your bathroom to remodel is to get three written estimates. Then, you’ll need to read each estimate carefully.

Before you sign a contract, you should also have a contractor meet with you in your home. Make sure you’re on the same page about every aspect of your project.

You should also ask each contractor for a list of references. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional.

You’ll also want to verify the contractor’s license and insurance status. You can find out from your local building department. You may also want to verify the contractor’s BBB rating.

The bathroom is often the most overlooked room in your house. It’s easy to see why it’s usually small and hidden away, and it’s probably the last place you’d expect to spend a significant amount of time. But the truth is, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a functional space for bathing and washing and a social hub for your entire household. So it makes sense that you want to ensure it looks its best. That’s why Vancouver Kitchen Renovation specializes in bathroom renovations. Whether you’re interested in updating your current bathroom or building a brand new one from scratch, we can help you create the perfect space for your whole family. We believe that bathrooms should look spa-like, sustainable, and modern. In addition to being practical spaces, they should also feel warm and inviting. With that in mind, we strive to incorporate natural materials, open floor plans, and lots of light.

We understand that to be successful is to stay ahead of the curve. That means staying current with the latest technology and design trends. We always want to improve our products or services without breaking the bank. That’s why we stay connected to the latest technologies of NKBA, National Kitchen and Bath Association. In addition, at Vancouver Kitchen renovation, our primary focus is providing sustainable bathroom design and renovation packages, and we believe in sustainable living. Sustainable living is a way of life in harmony with nature. It is a lifestyle which focuses on the preservation of our environment. Sustainable living is a philosophy emphasizing respect for the environment and concern for its well-being. This means we should take care of the planet and treat it as if it were our home. We should try to preserve what we have and protect it from destruction. If we do this, we will enjoy the benefits of the earth’s resources for many generations. Whether you’re planning a major remodel or adding finishing touches to your current bathroom, we’d love to discuss your project. Book your showroom consultation online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make a tiny bathroom feel bigger?

There are a few things you can do to make a small bathroom feel bigger. First, use lighter colors on the floors and walls. Use mirrors as much as possible to reflect light and make the space feel bigger. The space is also made more open by glass shower doors. For an illusion of more space, you can use floating shelves and cabinets.

How can I make my bathroom feel Zen?

A great bathroom is a place for relaxation and reflection. It is the place where we can relax after a hard day. Why would anyone choose to unwind in a place where they feel stressed?

Bathrooms are places we can relax. When we shower, we wash away our stresses. We scrub our skin and clean out our teeth.

There are many ways to make a bathroom quiet and peaceful while still providing all the amenities.

A white wall can make a space appear larger and cleaner. White can also reflect light and make rooms appear larger.

A large mirror allows us to see how we look without turning around.

To create a calming environment, consider adding candles to the bathroom. Candles provide warmth and a feeling of security. In addition, scented candles can encourage feelings of calmness.

It can help promote peace and tranquility by adding plants in the bathroom. Plants have been shown to increase focus and reduce stress.

Lighting can also be used to set the mood. Lighting can either create a warm atmosphere. Warm lighting, such as candlelight, can create tranquil surroundings.

Remember to take some relaxation time next time that you go to the restroom. After all, this is the only place where we can be completely free of the outside world.

How do I beautify the bathroom?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to beautify a bathroom. We offer some helpful tips below:

  1. Paint Your Bathroom walls – Choose a bright color such as yellow or green. This will make your room feel fresh and clean.
  2. Add Some Mirrors – Mirrors add an elegant touch to any bathroom. They can also reflect light to dark areas. If you’re looking for a cheap way to improve your bathroom, consider adding mirrors.
  3. Use Simple Accessories – Use accessories to create a stylish appearance. A basket filled with towels can be hung over the bathtub. Add a few candles to the mirror for a decorative touch.
  4. Hang Up A Picture – If you want to change up the decor of your bathroom, try hanging a picture. The theme of your bathroom should be chosen. For example, a mountainscape photo is a good choice if you love nature.
  5. Create An Artistic Look With Stenciling – Stenciling is another easy way to make your bathroom look nice. Use stencils to create shapes and then paint them on the walls. You should apply several coats before moving on to another shape.
  6. Buy a New Toilet Seat Cushion – Many people overlook toilet seats when thinking about changing their bathroom. Toilet seats can be easily replaced and aren’t too expensive.
  7. Change the Color of Your Sink Faucet- It is possible to change the color of your faucets. You can create a unique style for your bathroom by switching colours.
  8. Installing a Laundry Hook can transform your bathroom. This allows you to hang clothes and shoes directly from the ceiling rather than storing them in drawers.
  9. Add plants – Plants can be used to clean the air in your home. Plants can also hide unsightly items. Plant plants near windows to enjoy the view.
  10. Towels that are old should be replaced with baskets. This will make it easy to avoid making a mess for guests when they arrive.
  11. Add Storage Space – Storage space can help keep your bathroom tidy. You might consider installing shelves above and under the counter, as well as along the wall.
  12. Enhance Your Lighting – A bathroom’s lighting can make it appear larger. If possible, install recessed lights under the vanity rather than track lighting.
  13. Use Tile Designs to Create a Unique Bathroom Design. You can incorporate different patterns and textures using this technique.
  14. You Can Create A Quiet Bathroom. Get rid of all clutter from cabinets and countertops. Clean off surfaces and remove anything that could get wet.
  15. Update Lighting – Replace old bulbs and fixtures with newer ones. This will give your bathroom a new look.
  16. Paint Walls: A white bathroom can feel brighter and cleaner with the help of paint walls. They can also make a beautiful backdrop for artwork.
  17. Mirrors on cabinets: Mirrors provide light and do not take up much space. They can also reflect natural sunlight into dark areas of your bathroom.
  18. Hang Photos and Artwork – Hanging pictures or artwork in your bathroom adds beauty. Make sure to choose pieces that are compatible and complement each other.

What color is the best in a bath?

This question has no definitive answer. Different people have different tastes, so what might look great in one bathroom may not work in another. The most popular colors for bathrooms are white and light blue. These colours create a tranquil and serene environment that’s often sought after in a bathroom. However, the final decision on what color to use in a bathroom is entirely up to the person.

White is the most widely used bathroom color because it makes a room seem larger and brighter. It can also be combined with other colours and decor. It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and is a popular choice. Bathrooms are often decorated with light blue because it encourages relaxation and gives the room a spa-like atmosphere. Pale green is another good choice for a bathroom, as it has a calming effect and can help to create a refreshing atmosphere. Ultimately, the best bathroom colour is the one that makes the individual feel most comfortable and relaxed.

How can you renovate a bathroom with a limited budget?

First, take inventory of everything you have. This includes everything, including toilets and sinks, mirrors, towels racks, lighting fixtures, and even toilets.

After you have finished the list, determine if any items you can salvage. If they aren’t, then they should be replaced.

Next, determine how much money each item will cost you. Once you have a rough idea of how much you want to spend on each item you can start shopping for replacement parts online.

After you have purchased your new bathroom parts, you can make your bathroom more modern. You may want to paint your walls, tile the floors or replace the old fixtures. Whatever route you choose to go, be sure to stick within your budget.

What’s included in a complete bathroom remodeling package?

A complete bathroom renovation package can include various services, depending on the customer’s needs. Some common services that might be included are:

  • Bathroom design consultation
  • 3D rendering bathroom design
  • Schluter offers waterproofing services
  • Services in tile setting
  • Delivery and supply
  • Install and supply in-floor heating systems
  • All plumbing and lighting fixtures can be delivered and supplied.
  • All plumbing and electric work carried out by our licensed, certified electricians
  • Delivery and installation of the vanity
  • Supply, fabrication and installation of the countertop
  • We supply, fabricate, and install tub or shower glass
  • Demolition and Removal of Existing Fixtures and Materials
  • Painting and wallpaper services


  • Outdoor showers can dramatically increase the value of your home—according to a 2018 report from, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes! (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Floating vanities were favoured by 71% of those surveyed. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: 82% of those surveyed preferred low-maintenance, nonporous surfaces for their bathroom. (
  • This article will reveal more about AntiBac surfaces and how Villeroy and Boch products have 99.9% fewer bacteria. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Heated floors were favoured by a substantial 75% of those who responded to the survey.(
  • Keep in mind: they advise that, all told, your bathroom project should cost no more than 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value. (
  • Glass tile is one of the greenest bathroom flooring options because it can be 100% recycled. (
  • If possible, allow a 15 to 20% contingency fund so you’re prepared for the unexpected. (
  • WaterSense-labeled bathroom sink faucets use a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute, reducing water use by 30 percent or more from the standard flow of 2.2 gallons per minute – without sacrificing performance. (
  • According to the EPA, a conventional toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush, but that old pink one could use between 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: 82% of those surveyed revealed bathrooms are now designed for two-person use. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Large format tiles were favoured by 59% of those surveyed.mSlab surfaces were favoured by 40% of those surveyed. (

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Here are 10 things no one tells you about bathroom renovations

The bathroom is often neglected when it comes to home improvements. However, this room is an essential part of any house. There are many options for improving your bathroom. Don’t wait until your house is in disarray before you start to transform it into something beautiful and relaxing.

Here are some ways to transform your bathroom immediately without breaking the bank.

  1. The Walls can be softened by using pastel colours such as light blue, pink or yellow. This will make a big difference to the bathroom’s appearance. Although the effect is subtle, it adds charm and character to the space.
  2. You can add lighting to your bathroom. There are many options available. A lighting fixture that is suitable will brighten up the room and bring out colors on the walls. You can also use small fluorescent bulbs or string lights to get the same effect, but they are usually more expensive.
  3. Make Storage Space Work – If you don’t have much storage space, adding shelves to the top of the toilet or underneath the vanity cabinet can add a lot of storage space. These shelves can be used for towels, toiletries, and other items that are close to your heart.
  4. Install a Shower Curtain – A shower curtain is a simple yet practical addition to any bathroom. They come in many styles and colors and can be customized to match the decor of any bathroom.
  5. Have fun with your towel rack! Towels are a wonderful way to brighten up your bathroom. Instead of hanging boring towels on a rod, hang some colorful towels. You’ll not only have fresh towels, but you can also make your bathroom more fun.
  6. Allow Nature to Enter – While it might seem odd to have plants in your bathroom, it can create a relaxing atmosphere. It is important to avoid insects by choosing plants.
  7. Create a Relaxing Bathroom Atmosphere – You can create a relaxing environment using scented candles and oils. These simple additions to your bathroom can create a relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Go Green. It doesn’t take a whole new bathroom to go green. For example, you could replace your toilet paper roll with a reusable one. You can also switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  9. Transform your Vanity Cabinet – Vanity cabinet are made from either plastic, wood, and metal. You can make them as custom as you like. You can change their design, add additional features, or even replace the entire cabinet.
  10. You should update your toilet paper holder. The toilet paper holders play a crucial role in organizing and cleaning up your bathroom. You might want to update the appearance of your toilet paper holder. There are many ways you can do this.