Whether you want to remodel a bathroom to be more luxurious or simply want to give your existing bathroom a facelift, there are some things you should know to help you get started. We’ll take a look at some of the things you can consider, including natural stone, lighting, plants, textiles and color schemes.

Color schemes

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your spa bathroom can create a serene retreat. Whether your bathroom is traditional or modern, there are colors to suit your style and needs. Choosing the right colors can drastically alter the mood of a room.

If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, consider choosing a color scheme that includes warm and soothing colors. Colors like chocolate brown, moss green and rusty red create a cozy atmosphere.

If you want to create a spa-like atmosphere, consider using a shade of blue to enclose the room. Light blues work well with white. A rich teal wall color strikes the perfect balance between green and blue.

Natural stone

Adding natural stone to your spa bathroom can be an easy way to add beauty and sophistication. It can also add texture and create a sense of ambiance. This material is also very easy to maintain.

There are a few different types of natural stone to choose from, including marble, limestone, and onyx. Each of these stones offers a unique look. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to add your own flair to your bathroom.

If you are building a spa, you will need to choose the right materials. Marble, limestone, and onyx are all natural water-resistant materials that you can use to design your spa.


Adding plants to your bathroom can create a spa-like atmosphere. Not only do plants make the room look nice, they also purify the air and reduce stress. They also increase your energy levels and improve your mood.

A number of common houseplants are perfect for bathrooms. They are moisture-loving and can thrive in a humid environment. They also purify the air and remove formaldehyde from the air.

For a more tropical look, you can also try snake plants. Also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, these plants have long vertical leaves that purify the air. They are also a pet-friendly option.

The snake plant also removes formaldehyde, which is found in some cleaning products and tissues. You can keep it in a glass vase or a wall-mounted basket.


Keeping it classy doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are plenty of upscale luxury brands to choose from that offer a more refined experience without the glitz and glamour of a five star hotel. With the best bathroom linens, you can be sure that your guests will be well pampered. It’s a good idea to stock up on enough towels to last a year and a half. Invest in a good towel rack, too, so you can swap out towels on a whim. If you can’t afford to buy one, borrow one from a friend. If you’re really into the spa scene, get a roommate and swap out the towels every week or so for a weeklong spa treatment.


Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom can transform the room into an at-home spa experience. It’s a great way to relax and unwind. You can also add decorative candles and art to create a spa-like atmosphere. You can even add a sound system or Bluetooth speaker to enhance the design.

For a relaxing and calm bathroom atmosphere, you should use dimmers to control the light. The ideal light for your bathroom is bright enough to brush your teeth and makeup but not so bright that you’re dazzling the entire room. You can also use ambient lighting to fill the room with a calm, soothing glow.

Accentuating the spa look with extras

Adding a little bit of flair can make your bathroom a spa oasis. One way to do this is to repurpose a piece of furniture to hold toiletries or display your fluffy towels. You may also consider adding a small table near the tub or sink. You can also display these small trinkets in a clear glass jar to add to the visual appeal.

The best way to achieve a spa-like bathroom is to create an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. This is best achieved by incorporating calming colors and patterns into your design. The color schemes to avoid include those with high contrast pairs. You may also consider the benefits of having natural materials like stone or wood. These materials will last longer and can be easier to maintain than their manmade counterparts.

Whether planning a bathroom renovation or simply looking to update your existing space, Vancouver Kitchen Renovation is the place to turn. We’re Vancouver’s premier bathroom design and renovation specialists, and we pride ourselves on being able to create spaces that fit perfectly within your budget. Whether you’re renovating a small guest room or transforming a whole house, we’ll guide you through each step so you can enjoy your finished product for years to come. As a locally owned and operated business, we know what it takes to build lasting relationships with our clients. We’re committed to providing quality products and services and strive to exceed expectations every time.

We understand that to be successful is to stay ahead of the curve. That means staying current with the latest technology and design trends. We always want to improve our products or services without breaking the bank. That’s why we stay connected to the latest technologies of NKBA, National Kitchen and Bath Association. In addition, at Vancouver Kitchen renovation, our primary focus is providing sustainable bathroom design and renovation packages, and we believe in sustainable living. Sustainable living is a way of life in harmony with nature. It is a lifestyle which focuses on the preservation of our environment. Sustainable living is a philosophy emphasizing respect for the environment and concern for its well-being. This means we should take care of the planet and treat it as if it were our home. We should try to preserve what we have and protect it from destruction. If we do this, we will enjoy the benefits of the earth’s resources for many generations. Whether you’re planning a major remodel or adding finishing touches to your current bathroom, we’d love to discuss your project. Book your showroom consultation online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What bathroom sinks look trendy in 2023

In 2023, a few bathroom sink styles are expected to be in high demand. Here are some of the most loved styles:

  1. The Vessel Sink: The vessel sink is popular for many bathrooms remodels. They offer a unique and stylish look that can make a statement in your bathroom.
  2. The Undermount Sink is also a popular choice for bathrooms. They can modernize your bathroom’s look with their sleek, modern design.
  3. The pedestal sink: Another classic option for bathroom sinks is the pedestal sink. They are elegant and practical, with a timeless design that will look great in any bathroom.
  4. Integrated sink + countertop: This new trend has become increasingly popular. This option creates a seamless bathroom design. The sink is integrated into the countertop, so there is no gap between the two. This can give your bathroom an elegant and modern look.

No matter the style, make sure it compliments your bathroom’s overall decor. You want your bathroom where you feel happy and at ease. You want to achieve this goal.

What bathroom finishes will be in fashion?

The matte black finish was popularized in 2022 and will remain so in 2023. Bronze and brushed brass will also be in fashion in 2023. These finishes can be luxurious and add a sense of luxury to any bathroom.

Bathroom finishes are often seen as an afterthought in bathroom design. It is crucial to consider and plan for bathroom finishes from the beginning. Their impact on the appearance and feeling of the room can be significant. They also play a crucial role in creating a sense of calmness and tranquillity within the space.

The choice of materials used in the bathroom is another crucial factor to consider. One option is to choose a white tiled floor and a wooden bath tub. You might choose a more contrasting color scheme or black and white. No matter what you choose, ensure it suits your taste and blends in with the rest of your house’s design.

To create a luxurious bathroom, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Any bathroom can be transformed with a simple coat of paint.

What does it cost to replace your shower?

A complete bathroom re/re can be expensive in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is for a complete renovation that would include:

  • Shower base (including drain)
  • Tiles (floor and wall)
  • Glass shower door or shower curtain
  • Fixtures (shower head, taps, soap dish, etc.)
  • Plumbing work
  • Waterproofing, tiling, and other work
  • Ventilation
  • Permits

Can I Install A Bidet In A Small Bathroom?

It is possible to install a bidet in a small bathroom, but there are a few things you need to consider before doing so. The location of the bidet needs to be carefully considered. It should be close to the toilet but not too far. A second consideration is that the bidet size and type must match the bathroom’s dimensions. You should also ensure that your bathroom’s plumbing is capable of holding a bidet. It is always best not to try to install a bidet inside a small bathroom without consulting a professional.

How do you do a facelift in a bathroom?

It’s not enough to replace fixtures and fittings when renovating a bathroom. It’s about creating a welcoming environment for people to feel at home. Your bathroom should be inviting and relaxing for you and your guests.

Here are some tips:

  • You can also add plants. They will help to purify the air and provide natural beauty. There are many indoor plants to choose from: succulents and mosses; cacti, ferns and succulents.
  • Make sure your lighting is proper. Lighting is crucial in creating an inviting and beautiful space. You can use indirect light sources rather than direct. These will provide diffused, soft illumination.
  • You should create a comfortable area for sitting. This could include a bench or a small table. To display art or photos, you can also mount shelves on the wall. To brighten your room, you can add a mirror to reflect the light.
  • You might want to add a hook for your bathrobe, or coat.

Our website has lots of information regarding bathroom designs, remodelling, and accessories. Our experts are happy to help you plan your next renovation. Give us a ring today!

How can I make my bathroom feel modern?

There are many options to modernize your bathroom. Incorporating sleek and simple lines into your design is a great way to achieve a modern look. You can also use colours like white, grey, and black. Modern fixtures like LED lighting and rainshowers will also make your space feel more modern. Finally, decluttering your bathroom and ensuring everything has its place will help to create a cleaner and more minimalistic look.

What is the costliest part of a bathroom redesign?

Labour is the most expensive part of bathroom remodels. Professional labour can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of your project. The cost of materials is not included in this figure. Prices can vary depending on what fixtures and finishes are used.


  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Floating vanities were favoured by 71% of those surveyed. (https://nkba.org)
  • NKBA estimates that broken down, most of this cost comes from fixtures and plumbing (about 29 percent), followed by counters and surfaces (21 percent), labour (20 percent), and cabinetry and hardware (16 percent). (remodelista.com)
  • This article will reveal more about AntiBac surfaces and how Villeroy and Boch products have 99.9% fewer bacteria. (superbath.co.uk)
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Chromotherapy, which uses coloured lights to stimulate relaxation, was chosen by 25%. Preset lighting schemes for different times during the day were favoured by 29%. (https://nkba.org)
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Bathroom faucet designs reflected wellness concerns, with 61% choosing accessible lever handles, 48% choosing motion and 36% going for the touch or tap options. (https://nkba.org)
  • Outdoor showers can dramatically increase the value of your home—according to a 2018 report from Realtor.com, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes! (housebeautiful.com)
  • According to a 2019 remodelling report from the National Association of Realtors, 70 percent of consumers “have a greater desire to be home” after a bathroom renovation, so read on and soak up the secrets. (housebeautiful.com)
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Digital showering allows users to program their preferred flow rate, and the temperature was a 23% preference. 44% wanted the ability to start their showers with their phones. (https://nkba.org)
  • WaterSense-labeled bathroom sink faucets use a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute, reducing water use by 30 percent or more from the standard flow of 2.2 gallons per minute – without sacrificing performance. (elemental.green)
  • I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had someone call and say they have an existing old tub (which, 99% of the time, is 60” wide once they’re pulled out) and want to convert the bathtub to a shower. (blog.innovatebuildingsolutions.com)
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: 82% of those surveyed revealed bathrooms are now designed for two-person use. (https://nkba.org)
  • With this technology, whether you take a 5-minute or a 50-minute shower, you’ll use the same amount of water, reducing your use up to 90 percent! (elemental.green)

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Remodelling a small bathroom can be very challenging due to the limited space available. This is why you should always consult professionals when remodelling your home. Here we’ve listed some common mistakes people make when remodelling their bathrooms.

  1. Insufficient funds for the project. It might be a good idea to wait until you have enough money for the project. Since remodelling costs can quickly add up, it is a good idea to begin saving now.
  2. Doing so to save on materials. Do not cut corners on any renovation project. It is important to get the highest quality products with the lowest prices. Quality is everything.
  3. Too much stuff. It is a common mistake that people make when they remodel their bathrooms. They buy too much stuff and don’t think things through. It is important to only buy the items you actually need so that you don’t pay for unnecessary things.
  4. Failing to plan how to use the new room before starting. Many people fail to consider how they want to use the newly renovated area. They decide to go ahead and throw things into the space without considering whether the items are helpful or not.
  5. Making changes to the existing layout. Sometimes people feel that they know exactly how they want their bathroom to look, but end-up changing the layout which makes it less usable.
  6. It’s possible to do all the work yourself. You are not advised to do DIY projects alone, even though DIY is a popular hobby. It will make sure you have someone who is skilled and knowledgeable about the job.
  7. It is too late to start the project. Problems can arise if you leave it too late to plan and remodel your bathroom. You could run into problems like mould growth or plumbing leaks.
  8. Being unorganized. When planning a renovation, people forget about important details such as where to dispose of the trash can and where to plug the power sockets. Having an organized workspace will help you stay focused during the process.
  9. Not checking references. It is important to verify their backgrounds before hiring someone to renovate your home. Ask family and friends for feedback about their experiences with these companies.
  10. There are no shortcuts in safety precautions. Safety is essential, especially when remodeling a bathroom. While working on the job, you need to be careful.