Discover why the minimalist design of a Scandinavian bathroom is the perfect personal sanctuary for Zen-like relaxation.

Deliberately designed for relaxation, a Scandinavian bathroom perfectly blends modern and classic.

Black and Grey are indispensable in creating authenticity and elegance. As the palette darkens, the naturality of the space becomes highlighted. Additionally, bricks provide an intricate touch to the atmosphere, resulting in an invitingly rustic tone.

Above all else, a Scandinavian bathroom is characterized by light and patterns. Close attention to natural lighting is paid – a key factor for achieving optimal comfort. Classic visual cues like chevrons and wave tiles inject contemporary intrigue into the design. This timeless combination draws out the best of both worlds: a tranquil yet interactive ambience!

Moreover, it’s all too easy to transform your minimalist interior into something truly unique and memorable with distinctive trinkets and pieces – furniture made out of reclaimed wood or wall art created with intertwined twigs enhance its laconic beauty even further.

For those seeking serenity within their home space, sleek geometrical forms featured in the signature Scandi aesthetic work wonders with potted plants that bring life into those cool monochrome walls!

Black is a must in a Scandinavian bathroom.

Scandinavian bathroom designs emphasize the importance of minimalism and storage. Spare towels can be stored on a built-in shelf, and hand soap and shampoo bottles can be left open in a designated area. Empty bottles can be recycled. A Scandinavian bathroom does not need wall art.

Using dark tones can give a Scandinavian bathroom a sophisticated and luxurious look. The colour can be used in accessories or on the walls. The contrast of a white wall with dark fixtures and furniture creates a dramatic look in the bathroom. Black can also be used as an accent colour on walls or furniture.

A Scandinavian bathroom can be stylish and functional with the right materials. A marble countertop can add a touch of elegance. A marble countertop is sleek and elegant and looks stunning. You can also add details that add personality to a Scandi bathroom, such as a feature wall and a hessian bag for toilet paper.


A white Scandinavian bathroom can be very elegant. You can use the white colour for the base and add accents of other colours. You can also use wooden accents to add some character to the bathroom. However, the main colour should be white. Combining white with other colours is crucial so that it doesn’t look too stark.

A Scandinavian bathroom should have a lot of light. This is because the climate in Scandinavia is often polar at night, so it’s essential to let in as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have windows in your bathroom, you can use lamps or ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Even modern LED lamps can give the bathroom a natural light look. Another thing to note is that Scandinavian bathrooms can have decorative elements, such as woven baskets and potted plants.


Grey and white are the two main colours that make up a Scandinavian bathroom, but you can experiment with different colours if you want. This style is often based on natural materials, such as wood, stone, or concrete, and it tends to be quite neutral in colour. To make the space feel calmer, you could use potted greenery or add a feature wall in a different colour.

A Scandinavian bathroom will also feature a wooden vanity and freestanding tub. A modern twist to this Scandinavian design is honeycomb-patterned wall tile, which adds an unexpected pop of colour. Aesop is one of the most popular Scandinavian skincare brands.


A Scandinavian bathroom is full of natural stones that complement its rustic warmth. For example, a white bathroom with a natural stone tile wall can complement a wall covering made from rich marble. These stone tiles are also available in a variety of colours. Besides tiles, you can use mosaic tiles or natural stone or granite on the walls.

A Scandinavian bathroom is simple yet incredibly elegant. A large mirror with black borders contrasts the white walls. A white bathroom is also a great place to add touches of colour. Pallet wall art and framed photographs can add colour to the walls without removing the Scandinavian aesthetic.


Natural materials like wood, stone, and brick are often found in Scandinavian bathrooms. However, contemporary designs often use wood-like tiles or other materials instead of natural wood. White and wood-like tiles are a classic Scandinavian bathroom colour combination. They work well with any interior design scheme. You can also incorporate plants in the space to create a more peaceful environment.

Another Scandinavian design element that never goes out of style is subway tiling. This style of tile is commonly used in combination with darker grout, which maintains a high-contrast look. A white subway tile would go well with a dark wood floor.


If you want to give your bathroom a Nordic look, consider using wood. This material offers a variety of benefits and is an excellent choice for the bathroom. It adds a natural warmth to your interior while being relatively easy to maintain. However, you should know that high-quality wood requires some primary care.

To achieve the Scandinavian look, select wood that contrasts with white. For example, a wood floor with hexagonal tiles will contrast well with white grout. In addition, a wooden vanity with two sets of sinks will look great in this wood-and-glass bathroom. White wall and ceiling tiles will contrast the wooden vanity and mirror.

The Scandinavian style is all about balance, harmony, and hygiene. To achieve the look, select furniture that is compact and functional. It should also allow you to move around freely. To create storage space, you can use built-in constructions and wall-mounted cabinets under the sink. You can also buy wooden stools at a flea market to accessorize the space.

Sea green wallpaper

Sea green wallpaper for the bathroom is a popular choice for interior designers. Incorporating this colour in a bathroom can provide the relaxing atmosphere of a vacation. For example, Cole & Son’s Acquario wallpaper transforms your time in the bathroom into an underwater experience. Another option is the One Day at the Beach wallpaper, which brings the cheerful energy of a beach holiday into your daily life. And Sandberg’s Della wallpaper features cheery sea creatures in a subtle sea green hue.

If you’re planning a bathroom with a Scandinavian style, you may be surprised at how much sea-green wallpaper will add to the decor. Its rich hue contrasts with the dark gray walls of the bathroom. Golden fixtures and brackets on the vanity mirror add a splash of colour. White tiles line the shower area. A wood-framed vanity with built-in shelves completes the look of this bathroom.

White tiles

White and grey are popular choices for a Scandinavian bathroom, but careful planning is required to achieve the right effect. Grey works best with larger interiors with plenty of light, while white can make a small bathroom feel spacious. To get the right look, consult a specialist who can recommend the most suitable colour accent for your bathroom.

Another Scandinavian-style element is subway tiling. This classic element will never go out of style. Rectangular subway tiles are often paired with a darker grout to maintain a high-contrast look. Alternatively, choose white subway tiles to contrast with a dark wood floor.

Natural materials

Choosing natural materials for your bathroom is a great way to add to the Scandinavian aesthetic. Wooden furniture, wicker baskets, and textiles are perfect for this look. You can also use wooden chairs with tactile cushions and sheepskin rugs to add a touch of Scandinavian style. Pale wood flooring is another great choice for Scandinavian interior design. If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, you can go for luxury vinyl tiling, which mimics the look of wooden planks but is hard-wearing.

Natural lighting is another critical Scandinavian design element. Natural light reflects off of dark surfaces and helps to expand the space. If you’re remodelling an existing bathroom, consider installing a skylight or using larger windows to bring in more natural light.


When designing a Scandinavian bathroom, it is important to incorporate a lot of natural light. This is because Scandinavian countries experience polar nights, so a bright, airy bathroom is important. Moreover, you can add a touch of drama and texture by using interesting materials. For example, jute rugs can add warmth to a bathroom dominated by cold tile. In addition, minimalist Scandinavian bathrooms often have a floating counter.

Regarding accessories, Scandinavian bathrooms can be decorated with handmade objects. In addition to ceramic or porcelain pieces, you can use textiles and potted plants. These decorative elements will add a nice touch to the bathroom, balancing the neutral colours and natural atmosphere. You can also use accessories like marble soap dispensers and leather details. In addition, you can use warm metallic finishes to create a chic bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are mosaic tiles suitable to be used in modern bathrooms?

Avoid mosaic tiles with modern designs unless you use them as accent tiles. You can make your bathroom look dated and cluttered. If you love the look of mosaic tiles, try using them as accents around your sink, bathtub or shower.

What’s the latest trend in bathrooms 2023?

As consumers demand better-quality products at lower costs, the bathroom industry is rapidly changing.

Next-generation bathroom design will be based on sustainable, safe, healthy materials and finishes.

This includes waterless and low-flow toilets as well as dual flush technology and smart homes.

This trend will also place emphasis on hygiene and health by providing shower heads and other devices to promote better hygiene.

What is the average time it takes to renovate a bathroom in Vancouver, British Columbia?

A bathroom remodel takes about four to five weeks. If permits or inspections are required, you can expect the project will take longer. You should also consider the size and complexity your renovations.

What are the 2023 most popular bathroom designs?

  • The 2023 bathroom design will feature natural materials like wood and stone as well as steel and glass.
  • You will find more water features in your bathroom. This includes showers and baths that have jets, whirlpools, or spas.
  • There will be fewer mirrors, and more space to relax and socialize.
  • The bathroom will be designed around the user’s lifestyle and preferences.
  • The bathroom will place a strong emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness.
  • It will also feature technology such as smart toilets and heated towel rails.
  • The bathroom will provide storage options such as cabinets, shelves, or drawers.
  • The integrated lighting and controls will allow for easy access to all components of the bathroom.
  • The bathroom will save energy and be more eco-friendly.
  • You’ll find your bathroom comfortable, inviting, and warm.

What does a complete package of bathroom renovations include?

A bathroom remodel package could include many services depending on the customer’s requirements. These services are common and may include:

  • Bathroom design and consultation
  • 3D rendering bathroom design
  • Schluter offers waterproofing services
  • Services for tile setting
  • Supply and delivery of tiles
  • Supply and Installation of in-floor heating system
  • All plumbing and lighting fixtures can be delivered and supplied.
  • All electrical and plumbing work is done by our licensed and certified plumbers and electricians
  • Supply, delivery and installation of vanity
  • Supply, fabrication, installation and maintenance of countertops
  • Tub or shower glass fabrication and installation
  • Demolition and Removal of Existing Fixtures and Materials
  • Wallpaper and painting services


  • According to a 2019 remodelling report from the National Association of Realtors, 70 percent of consumers “have a greater desire to be home” after a bathroom renovation, so read on and soak up the secrets. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Chromotherapy, which uses coloured lights to stimulate relaxation, was chosen by 25%. Preset lighting schemes for different times during the day were favoured by 29%. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: 82% of those surveyed preferred low-maintenance, nonporous surfaces for their bathroom. (
  • Other sustainability instruments developed by Noken include an ‘Eco cartridge’ (its two-position switch makes it possible to use 50% less water and energy), and a water ‘flow rate limiter’ (that uses jets and air to reduce water consumption). (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Floating vanities were favoured by 71% of those surveyed. (
  • Outdoor showers can dramatically increase the value of your home—according to a 2018 report from, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes! (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Large format tiles were favoured by 59% of those surveyed.mSlab surfaces were favoured by 40% of those surveyed. (
  • Glass tile is one of the greenest bathroom flooring options because it can be 100% recycled. (
  • I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had someone call and say they have an existing old tub (which, 99% of the time, is 60” wide once they’re pulled out) and want to convert the bathtub to a shower. (
  • 2023 bathroom design trends: Digital showering allows users to program their preferred flow rate, and the temperature was a 23% preference. 44% wanted the ability to start their showers with their phones. (
  • Keep in mind: they advise that, all told, your bathroom project should cost no more than 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value. (
  • NKBA estimates that broken down, most of this cost comes from fixtures and plumbing (about 29 percent), followed by counters and surfaces (21 percent), labour (20 percent), and cabinetry and hardware (16 percent). (

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How to hire a contractor in a bathroom remodeling project

From finding the right contractor to hiring them, getting estimates and signing contracts, the bathroom remodeling process is complex. Because you don’t want mistakes, but need to complete the job quickly, this process is done under pressure. These tips will help you to find and hire the best contractor for your bathroom remodelling projects:

  1. Start looking online. You have many options for bathroom remodeling. You can search through sites like Trustedpros or Houzz to find contractors. Most sites will let you enter your zipcode to view local contractors with positive reviews. Always look at their portfolios and google reviews.
  2. Ask your family and friends. Most likely, your friends and family know someone who has recently renovated a bathroom. Ask them to tell you about their experience and if possible, recommend a contractor. They might even be able to give you a referral fee for referring them!
  3. Take a look at online forums. On Facebook, you can post photos of your projects and ask for assistance. Reddit and Pinterest are two other popular places.
  4. Do thorough research. Do your research before hiring anyone to do the job. Examine their licenses and insurance. Please also note their previous jobs. Do they have any experience with bathrooms? Are they familiar working in similar-sized spaces to yours?